Warm rays of the sun, soft sand, refreshing sea breeze, blissful peace and the prospect that this is what our lives will be like for the next two weeks. There is nothing else for us to do but to comfortably lie on the deckchair, close our eyes and ... STOP! Not so fast! It is true that these dream moments are already in your sight, but before you immerse your foot in the ocean - there are only a few or several thousand kilometers in the clouds ahead of you. Some of us love to fly, others don't. Regardless of which group you belong to, it is worth learning how to prepare for the flight so that it passes quickly and nicely, providing a perfect introduction to your vacation.

Vacation is a vacation and I am well aware that for most of us, it begins much earlier than the moment you enter the plane at your destination. However, for this to pass pleasantly, it is worth taking care of its smooth start. If we go to the airport by car - let's leave an hour or even two earlier than planned. There is nothing worse than unnecessary stress on the road. And there are plenty of opportunities for this - a broken tire, unexpected traffic jam or even a forgotten passport.

Valuable food
Airport cafes and restaurants have their own rules. The prices on the menu can make you dizzy. Well, that's the way it is, not only in Warsaw's Okęcie, but all over the world. So let's know it before and maybe .. stock up on your own provisions? Just remember to eat this lunch, before going through the hand luggage control, because not on every route, food transport is allowed (e.g. it is prohibited on flights to Mexico). After going through the check-in and security check, it won't be cheaper at all. Unfortunately, it is also impossible to skip this, because on board the plane you cannot bring liquids purchased outside the duty-free zone, the volume of which exceeds 100 ml (we can bring a total of 1 liter). So if we don't have free catering on the plane, it's good to buy a bottle of water. It will definitely be useful!

Ticket and baggage check-in
Once we have found our flight and the check-in desks assigned to it on the departure board, we need to be patient in the queue and wait. In order to facilitate this process, it is worth preparing a passport in advance and possibly documents that we received from the representatives of the travel agency. If we are traveling with family or friends and want to sit next to each other on the plane - let's approach the check-in together and inform the employee about it. We will also be asked to place the suitcases on the belt, which will then be weighed and properly labeled. After leaving this position, we should have a boarding pass and a baggage check. Especially the last one should be very careful in case of losing your luggage!

At the window or at the aisle?
Not everyone knows about it, but when checking in, you can ask for a specific seat on the plane. The ones by the window are chosen most often - the least willingly, but we are sitting in the middle seat. So if you like to sleep on a plane and spend most of your trip in a sitting position - ask for a window seat. If, on the other hand, you always complain about the lack of space, a nap in the clouds is a waste of time for you, and you often walk along the corridor - choose a place by the aisle. You can also try to ask for a seat in the front row of the plane or at the emergency exit - there are advantages and disadvantages to it, but the possibility of "stretching your legs" is certainly enough for most of you as an argument. Unfortunately, at this point, I have to worry all those who choose a window seat only because of the "beautiful views". Unfortunately, most of the time we will only see clouds, and with extraordinary luck - the vastness of the sea or the outline of the land.

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